The Garden Grove 1st Preschool & Kindergarten exists to provide quality, developmentally age-appropriate hands-on education to 2 years through 6-year-old children in a secure, nurturing, spirit-filled environment in which children grow in love for Jesus and others. Our program incorporates Christian curriculum-based academics, physical movement, social and emotional development, and most importantly, spiritual growth through the teaching of God’s Word.


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Karen Landreum

I wanted to take a minute to let you know what a positive impact you and your staff have held on Brianna. She has been going to the school since 2001. At that time, Miss Jenny  was the teacher. She did a wonderful job with Brianna. She always made Brianna feel very comfortable and special. She really taught her so much on an academic and social level. Harry and I are very impressed with the amount of knowledge we saw pouring out of Brianna. We both think it’s a great that the entire staff is like an extended family to the children. The children are family and comfortable with every teacher. The teachers are all very patient with the students as well as us parents. The graduation program was absolutely wonderful. The children all did a wonderful job. It really showed how much time and love went into the entire program. I also want to thank you for the needs they provided. This is a special  touch that not many other private school provide. Once again, I want to thank  and your staff for all you’ve done to make these first couple of school so special. We are truly looking forward to this year being just as special as the past two. Thank you so much.


Rebecca Brown

I am so impressed with the care  that my child received while attending your school. My child’s name is Austin Burns and he attended your school for 2 years. While at your school, he spent most of his time in Miss Jenny’s class. I can not say enough about the care and supervision she gave him. She has truly become a mentor and a great role model in his life. One of the reason I chose your school was because of the academic program. I liked the fact that it wasn’t just all play and that the children really prospered ad learned from teachers. Also, I liked the food program that was provided. It made it very easy us on us single, working mother. My child really enjoyed you, your whole staff, and all of the wonderful children at your school. I really felt like Austin has flourished while attending your preschool, and truly made him a smarter and more mature child. On  his first day of Kindergarten, he was more thn well prepared! Thank you so much and best of luck!


Lonni Asher

As a working mother, It’s hard to find a place that can provide a comfortable and secure environment;however, I found that place Garden Grove 1st Preschool . my son jaykob has been everything from his ABC’s, numbers, letter and number recognition to opposites and same, shapes, music, art, appereciation, dance, and even computers. He also learns life enhancement skills such as sharing, patience, understanding and love. This school has creates an environment share children have fun as well as develop wonderful relationships with learning and with each other. I would recommend Garden Grove 1st Preschool to anyone who is looking for the very best care for their child. The love and patience provided by this school makes us realize how lucky we to have found a place for our son jaykob. You will not find the care and the education that this school value anywhere else.


Darren and Natalie Nguyen Crosby

This letter is in regards to the excellent care our children receive at Garden Grove 1st Preschool of Garden Grove. Our children now 4 and 5 years of age have been attending the school for over two years. During that time both children have advanced to a level of education that I did not anticipate. Compared to other students there age they are far more advanced in their reading and writing skills.

When we pick our children up they are clean, well kept, well fed and happy. They always have projects and assignments that they have accomplished during the school day and want to share their accomplishments. Feedback from the teachers accurs on a daily basis and we feel that the care that is provided for our children is founded on caring, nurturing and promoting education and healthy activities.

We had a choice to place our children in the state school system which would have provided a considerable cost savings for us. We believe that sending our children in to the public school system would be a step back in their educational progress and care. We have chosen to keep our children at our own expense at Garden Grove First Preschool. We have and will continue to recommend this school to our friends and anyone looking for a quality and safe place for children to attend.


Huong Tran

My name is Huong Tran, I am the parent of Jefferson and Joycelyn. My two kids have been coming to this school since 2013. I am very pleased with this facility; from the environment, staff, cujrriculum, and all the great planned activities. My son who is currently enrolled in the kindergarten class has succeeded high in all his academics. He has been accepted onto the 1st grade class, although based on his birthday he would technically have to repeat Kindergarten. Teacherhas worked very hard with my son in setting high goals and achiveing them. My daughter was previously in the toddler class and was recently moved up to the preschooler class. She transitioned very well with the help of help of Mrs. Thao and Mrs. Jenny, I really love all the staff members here. They all work together in helping the children feel safe and happy. Mrs. Lee the owner is also great with the children and works hard to help the parent’s needs if needed. Mrs. Jennifer Flemings the current director is doing a great job running the facility. She is very helpfuln and organized. I see a big improvement with the changes in the director. This is great school and as a parents of two children enrolled here, I would like their sevices to continue especially to my little one who loves coming here and stil have two more years to go before attending elementary school. I have searched and toured ten other schools before finding this one. We as a family are happy with this school and I would definitely recommend this school to other parents.


Richard Pham

My name is Richard Bao Pham, Engineering Associate II of Traffic Management, Inc. I am the father of Sophia Pham, who is attending to Garden Grove First Preschool since she was two and half year old until today.

Our family has been so pleased with the services for children receives from the school in the last three years. This school has a great facility, professional environment such clean classroom, playground, kitchen etc. Our dauther has been very well taken care of by the school and her immediately teacher:Mrs. Jenny, Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Deepa. We are always kept updated by the school and teachers about our daughter’s condition. activities, and learning process.

We all happy that Garden Grove First Preschool is a great place for young children like our daughter to grow up. The school and its member staff have been offering excellent services for the children. We would love to see the school is continuously to grow to continue its contribution to nurture young generation citizens and to always be a safe place for them to beside their second homes.


Nguyen H. Nguyen

My wife Judy and I would like to extend  our appereciation to your dedicated staff this past school year. Our sons Marcus & Mason Nguyen, being students in the PreK and Preschool class respectively have greatly learned and enjoyed their class. The education you provided was on-par and often even went above the standard for their age group which, being an educator myself, I especially like. There were also plenty of social activities during each month for our sons to enjoy that not only complemented their academic process,  but also was fun and relaxing for children of their age group. I especially enjoyed the horse riding and race car event.

Your facilities were also one of the main reasons why choolse Garden Grove 1st Preschool over others in our surounding area. Your classrooms were warm and inviting which provied an ongoing educational environment. Also, safety and comfort for our boys are a main priority as well. Judy and I were never worried that our boys were uncomfortable during the hot days or even that  their safety was ever in question.

We also like to thank Mrs. Michelle and Mrs. Christy for being great teachers not only to our sons but also for being there for their students, often after class hours. Their caring and devotion examplified the teaching profession. We especially also like to thank director Jennifer Flemings for her dedication and support in providing a vision for Garden Grove 1st Prschool. She was always helpful and addressed all of our questions and concerns regarding our sons’education on a professional level with a personal and friendly approach. I believe she will be a great asset to Garden Grove 1st Preschool in the coming years.


Khanh-Phuong Tran and Jake Nguyen

We have been very impressed with Garden Grove 1st Preschool and Kingergarten since my children; Brendan and Jacob Nguyen attended the school in April 2014. We are parents of children who have struggled in school due to learning disabilities. Both of our children have speech delay and are raised in Vietnamese as primary language. However, the school has gone above and beyond to help them be successful. The instructors, Ms. Sam, “Brendan’s Pre-K teacher”, Mrs. Thao, Mrs. Jenny, Mrs. Michelle, and Mrs. Tina “Jacob’s teachers and caregivers” have maintained excellent communication with my children, my husband, and myself regarding their progress. They have given extra time to help them succeed. We have spoken with the teachers on several occations, and they have been extremely supportive, helpful, and open to working with our children and creating a successful plan for them.

Especially our oldest son, Brendan, who is 5 and has been a student for one year and a half at Garden Grove 1st Prschool and Kindergarten. He is able to read books and solve math problems. He has learned so much in a short amount of time. Every day he comes home and tells me about what he has learned in school. I am very peased and happy we chose to enroll our children at Garden Grove 1st Preschool.


Tyler Pham

My name is Tyler Pham and my daughter Maylynn Pham has been attending Garden Grove 1st Preschool & Kindergarten since 2013. She was enrolled in the Pre-K class when she first started. This school was highly recommened and referred to us by another parent and friend of ours a couple of years ago. I found the curriculum, meal plan, and teacher to student ratio was acceptable. This, plus the fact that the school was in very near proximity to my house and work, prompted me to go ahead and place MayLynn in the school

Many days when I stop by early to pick up MayLynn, I saw the teachers sweeping the floor in preparation for nap time all the staff members seem more organized. The facility is kept clean in all areas. It brings a smile to my face knowing that we made the right choice choosing this school.

In terms of education, I feel my daughter has learned a great deal. What really made me happy and pleased was the fact that the friendly and qualified teachers pay attention to their students. I have seem them in action and seem their interactions with the kids. They’re always smiling and their tone of voice with the kids are calm and commendable. It’s not easy dealing with kids but they handle themselves perfectly. Also, I would like to commend Ms. Christy for being there for my daughter. She noticed that the Pre-K class was too easy for MayLynn and recommended she move up to the Kindergarten class. Just a little things like that is proof that the teachers do notice and care for their students’ educational advancement. It really, really made me proud.

In closing, I just want to say, I would grade the schoo with an A+ for everything they have done for my daughter. The current curriculum and activities there is top-notch. Mayhlynn loves going to school every day and I know she is happy there because she tells me about it every day. As for me, I am very pleased with the cleaniness, attention to safety and the attentiveness of the staff towards all the children, Ultimately, I am so happy to have kept MayLynn in the school. I would not hesitate to recommend Garden Grove 1st Preschool to any other parents.


Nique Tran

When my oldest daughter turned 3 years old, I decided it was time to enroll her in preschool. Fortunately, Garden Grove 1st Preschool was the closest preschool to my home, so I started my search there. After a quick meeting and a tour of the school, I enrolled my daughter. This was in 2011, and I’ve had no regrets. For  Pre-K, she was placed in Ms. Sam’s Class. Ms. Sam did a great job of preparing her for Kindergarten. I enrolled my daughter in public school for Kindergarten, and it was basicaly a repeat of what she earned in Ms. Sam’s Pre-K cass. I’m very proud to say that she was at the top of her class and received much praise from her Kindergarten teacher.

My second daughter wil be graduating from Ms. Sam’s Class next month. I have no concerns with how she will perform in Kindergarten next year. My third, and last , child is a boy and will be attening G.G. 1st preschool in the fall. With each successive child, I’ve requested that he/she be placed in Ms. Sam’s class. She is an amazing teacher and caters to the needs of each individual students.

I believe what sets this preschool apart from others are the Christmas and Graduation ceremonies. The youth and dedication of the faculty is very evident from these ceremonies. Prior to attending my oldest daughter’s Christmas ceremony, I expected to hear traditional Christmas songs accompanied with simple hand movements. I was amazed to also hear current Top 40s hits along with complete dance choreography. I never knew my 3-year old daughter could dance, but she was taught choreography for several songs. I have now been to several of their Christmas and Graduation ceremonies and I’m amazed to see different songs, choreography and outfits from previous years. The faculty is truly devoted to making each cveremony exciting and a pleasure to watch.

A common belief among non-teachers is that teachers do the same thing year-after-year. This is far from the truth at Garden Grove 1st Preschool. Each year, I see different art projects, different classroom decoration, and different fieldtrips. The constants that has stayed year-after-year are the quality of education and the dedication of the staff. In the few years that I’ve had children enrolled at Garden Grove 1st Preschool. I would highly recommend Garden Grove 1st Preschool to any parent looking for a preschool for their children. I can’t speak highly enough of the quality education, fun environment, and aming staff.